Love & Care for your Bag

Our specialty leather was chosen because of the way it feels in the hand, and how it handles the equestrian environment. Wear and scuffs will gradually develop into a beautiful patina.

Patina on your leather bag reflects your story. Maybe it’s a scratch during a particularly spicy ride, or a mark from when you were shoulder to shoulder in a crowd singing along with your favourite band, we believe in wearing your story with pride.

Inconsistencies & scuffs add to the natural beauty of the bag and are part of the vintage look that authenticates the quality of the leather. 

You can care for both our signature and pebbled leather in the same way. Before conditioning your leather it should always be clean and dry. You can simply wipe it with a microfiber cloth. You may decide to apply a waterproofing spray to keep your leather looking it's best in all environments.

If your bag requires a more deep clean, use a damp cloth to wipe off dirt, then use a leather cleaner. The last step in cleaning your bag should always be to apply a thin layer of leather conditioner. It is important to know that cleaning and waterproofing your leather could temporarily or permanently darken your leather.