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It's the finer things in life.

Oakbark & Chrome is the smell of clean leather and polished hooves. It’s the warm velvet of a muzzle in your hands. It’s the soft murmur of a barn full of fed horses in the early morning, when the world is yours alone.

Oakbark & Chrome was born from shared enthusiasm of horses and fashion, and we’ve come to offer handbags and accessories imbued with both. Our products have been meticulously designed, tested and crafted for the equestrian life. Display your passion with the luxury it deserves.

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A word from the founders

Our deep love of endless evenings at the barn, challenging but rewarding rides, and taking in the deep cultural world of horses is what inspired us to start Oakbark & Chrome. We wanted to offer a luxury item that spoke of us as equestrians, layered with details that we’ve come to appreciate as horse women. Our selection of bags and luxury goods have made our wishes come to life. Oakbark & Chrome is based in Ontario, Canada. We’ve worked extensively with fellow equestrians to develop a brand that is true to the supportive community that we hope to represent.

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